The best bars & ruin pubs in Budapest

Budapest nightlife - Our favourite places to go out

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The best bars and ruin pubs in Budapest


Budapest nightlife - our recommendations for the best best places to go out in Budapest

Budapest is famous for its great nightlife. Next to a number of superb restaurants and cafes, Budapest offers numerous trendy bars, wine-bars and beer gardens to hang out.

Another speciality of Budapest's nightlife is the growing number of 'Ruin Pubs' or 'Ruin Bars'. The story behind these very popular establishments is unique. Budapest used to have numerous old and run down buildings standing empty even in the best neighbourhoods. Pop-up bars were opened, but the lack of financial resources forced the owners to be very creative. This led to the very special style of decoration which is now regarded cool and trendy. Don't miss out on visiting these special places.

Below you will find our personal recommendations. Needless to say that we have been to all these places and had a great evening every single time. Have fun!

The best ruin pubs in Budapest

Szimpla Kert

The opening of Szimpla Kert (the most famous ruin pub in Budapest) in 2002 has been literally and also symbolically a milestone in the alternative life of Budapest. Converting an old factory into a huge open-air cinema and pub, they were able to create a unique framework for hosting concerts, theatre shows and many different cultural events. The place is open from 12pm until 4am every day, so you can stop by to have a cup of coffee in the afternoon, or drink some draft beer with your friends after a long day.
Szimplakert ruinpub Budapest
Address 1075 Budapest, Kazinczy u. 14.
Web Szimpla
Email -
Phone +36-20-261-8669
Opening Hours Mon-Sat 12.00 noon - 4.00am
Sun          9.00am - 5.00am



Instant is truly the enchanted forest of Budapest's ruin pubs and bars. With its 26 rooms, the place is open from 4pm until 6am every day. Every room has its own unique style so we recommend to go through them all. In a place, where the room is turned upside down, and a school of fish passes above your head, anything can happen.
Instant ruin pub Budapest
Address1065 Budapest, Nagymezo u. 38
Opening HoursMon-Sun 4pm - 6am

Corvin Club

Since it’s opening, Corvn Club has grown to be one of the most prominent underground clubs of Budapest. After the renovation Corvin Club's atmosphere remained the same while from the outside is completely changed into a modern ruin bar. The rooftop bar is functioning during winter time, however we suggest to bring a very warm coat with you.
Address1085 Budapest, Blaha L. ter 1-3
WebCorvin Club
Opening HoursWed - Sat 9pm - 6am


Anker is one of the largest beergardens in Budapest, located in Paulay Ede street. It has two courtyards and a giant projector, so you definitely won't miss any football games. Underground DJ's, slam poetry nights, so everything you'll need during a hot summer night.
Address1061 Budapest, Paulay Ede u. 33
Opening HoursMon-Sun 2pm - 4am

Mika Tivadar Pub

Mika Tivadar is a Pub and also a Garden located in the city center on Kazinczy street. Superb music, excellent wines and they also serve delicious dishes from spring until autumn.
Address1075 Budapest, Kazinczy u. 47
WebMika Tivadar
Opening HoursMon-Sun 4pm-12 midnight
Fri, Sat    4pm-5am

Fogashaz & Liebling

Liebling is a lovely bar, with a hidden romantic rooftop. Usually you can hear acoustic concerts there by local bands. Liebling (and also Fogas haz) offers a variety of wines and beers, and also their meals are must try. The other part of the building is a ruin pub called Fogas Haz, where the nightlife continues with parties, people and louder music.
Address1073 Budapest, Akacfa u. 51
Opening HoursMon-Sun 2pm-5am


Kuplung is a former repair shop that turned into a lively ruin pub in the heart of Budapest. The place is also a concert venue so you can enjoy the live music as well. The outside area is functioning during summer and winter too.
Address1061 Budapest, Kiraly u. 46
Opening HoursMon-Sun 3pm-5am


Ellato Kert is a very colourful place where you feel like you're home. There is a table soccer in the garden, pictures hanging on the walls and there is also a kitchen with taco dishes and chicken.
Address1075 Budapest Kazinczy u. 48
Opening HoursMon-Sun 5pm-4am


In Csendes Letterem is probably the most unique cafe/ruin pub in Hungary. You can find Barbie dolls, a bike, a bathtub, and many more secondhand treasures on the wall,  and yet the place look organised and very cosy, like you are in a surrealistic movie. The "Ovis kakao" is a must there from the giant mug, and during the night don't hesitate to try their craft beer.
Address1053 Budapest, Ferenczy I u. 5
Opening HoursMon-Sun 10am-2am

The best bars in Budapest

Gozsdu udvar

Gozsdu udvar is a courtyard where you can find several restaurants and bars even in the early morning, and during the night. Highly recommended!
Gozsdu Udvar
Address1075 Budapest, Kiraly u. 73
Opening HoursMon-Sun 0 - 24

360 bar

360 bar is a rooftop bar located on Andrassy street. The view is absolutely beautiful, especially at sunset. Reservation is recommended in advance.
Address1061 Budapest, Andrassy ut 39
Web360 bar
Opening HoursSun - Wed 2pm - 12 midnight
Thur - Sat 2pm - 2am


Ötkert: A trendy place which serves food during the day and it turns into a nightclub in the evening. It has a large dance floor and it is a popular destination especially in the summer.
Address1051 Budapest, Zrinyi u. 4
Opening HoursSun - Wed 11am - 12 midnight
Thur - Sat 11 am - 5am


Doboz (means "box" in Hungarian) is an abandoned building that turned into a night club. You can enjoy pieces of art courtesy of contemporary Hungarian artists, although the main attraction of Doboz is undoubtedly the King Kong sculpture hanging from a tree in the middle of the garden.
Doboz - Box bar and club in Budapest
Address1072 Budapest, Klauzal u. 9
Opening HoursTue - Sat 5pm - 5am

The best wine bars in Budapest


DiVino is one of the trendiest clubs in Budapest.The wine bar sells Hungarian wines exclusively, with preference given to young and upcoming Hungarian winemakers.
Address1051 Budapest, Szent Istvan square 3
Opening HoursMon - Sun 4pm - 2am


Doblo Wine Bar

They invite a small band for almost every day of the week and they also host wine tastings in a wonderful atmosphere. Their cheese and meat plates consists only of home-made delicacies prepared with traditional smoking, pickles from Vecsés and an old-school bread selection. Doblo is a special, friendly, honest, and receptive place.
Address1072 Budapest, Dob u. 20
Opening HoursMon - Sun 1pm - 2am


Apropo Wine Bar

Apropo is a stylish wine bar in the heart of Budapest with a high variety of Hungarian and Italian fine wine, French sparkling wine, and an excellent reform kitchen. Apropo is the place where anything can happen.
Address1077 Budapest, Kiraly u.39
Opening HoursMon - Sun 6pm - 2am

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