The best restaurants in Budapest

Our favourite places to eat out

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The best restaurants in Budapest city centre

From local Hungarian food, Italian Pizza, Sushi and Thai Curry to exclusive French and World Cuisine in Budapest, Hungary

We at Apartments Budapest love good food and good wine. It is therefore always a pleasure for us to explore good restaurants in the city. We try each of the restaurant which we recommend and make sure that we only list those places where the food is good or excellent and the service is impeccable.

Local Hungarian Restaurants in Budapest

Hungarian food can be really delicious. Most people are familiar with Gulash, but what they don't know is that it is in fact a soup and it's called Gulyás leves in Hungarian. The thicker, stew like dish does exist, but it's called pörkölt.

We use a lot of meat in our cuisine, including beef, chicken, goose and pork, but we do also have some lovely vegetarian dishes. Peppers, tomatoes and other vegetables are widely used in these dishes and of course red, ground paprika (mild or spicy) for the flavouring.

Our favourite restaurants in Budapest


Brunch Bistro Budapest

Brunch Bistro is our brand new restaurant in the city centre of Budapest, just steps away from St. Stephen's Basilica and the Opera House.

The big brother of our Cafe Brunch Budapest, this Hungarian style restaurant can seat up to 100 guests. It offers fresh breakfast & brunch every day of the week from 8.00am until 3.00 pm, lunch from 11.30 until 3.00 pm and dinner from 4.00 pm until 10.00 pm.

Come, sit on our outside terrace with a view of the Basilica and try our tasty Hungarian food & wine including our signature tasting menu.
Brunch Bistro Budapest
Address 1065 Budapest, Bajcsy-Zs. u. 19/b
Web Brunch Bistro Budapest
Phone +36-1-
Opening Hours  Mon - Sun : 8am - 10pm


Cafe Brunch Budapest

Cafe Brunch Budapest offers delicios Hungarian and international cusin all in a relaxed bistro stlyle surrounding. The location is ideal near the Opera and the Basilica and they also have a great terrace with a pretty fountain.

Here you can also get a jummy breakfast and brunch with fresh bakery products prepared directly in the cafe. They offer a wide selection of egg dishes, sandwhiches, salads and price winning granolas. For lunch and dinner you can order beautifully prepared Hungarian and international dishes all made with fresh local produce. Try their craft beer and Hungarian wines as well.
Cafe Brunch Budapest
Address 1065 Budapest, Hajós u. 26/b
Web Cafe Brunch Budapest
Phone +36-1-604-5647
Opening Hours  Mon - Sun : 8am - 10pm


Bock Bistro

Great Hungarian food and even better selection of local wines. Mr. Bock is a well known wine maker from the Villany region (South Hungary), so don't miss tasting his wine. My favourite is his Syrah. The service is excellent and you will get great advise on both the menu and the wine.

Booking is recommended well in advance.
Address 1073 Budapest, Erzsébet krt 43-49
Web Bock
Phone +36-1-321-0340
Opening Hours Mon - Sun: 12.00 noon -
                    12.00 midnight



Menza restaurant is a popular choice with a quirky, retro interior and good, Hungarian food. In the summer you can sit outside which is really nice. Located on Liszt square, it is very central and close to our apartments.

Booking is recommended for dinner.
Address 1061 Budapest, Liszt Ferenc tér 2
Web Menza
Phone +36-1-413-1482
Opening Hours Mon - Sun: 10.00am - 12.00 midnight


Borkonyha / Winekitchen

This stylish restaurant has recently been awarded a Michelin star, but the prices are still absolutely affordable. The bistro style makes you feel more comfortable than in a too posh restaurant.

The food is excellent, but you need to book weeks and weeks in advance. You might be luckier for lunch if you haven't booked a table.
Borkonyha restaurant
Address 1051 Budapest, Sas utca 3
Web Borkonyha
Phone +36-1-266-0835
Opening Hours Mon - Sun: 12.00 noon -
                    12.00 midnight


Hungaricum Bistro

Simple, yet authentic Hungarian cousin with great service and big portions. The Gulyas soup is very good. Booking is recommended even for lunch.
Hungaricum Bistro
Address 1051 Budapest, Steindl Imre u. 13.
Web Hungarikum
Phone +36-30-661-6244
Opening Hours Mon - Sun: 11.30am - 3.00pm ;
                    6.00pm - 11.00pm


Mák Bistro

A fine dining experience with great, innovative food in a relaxed atmosphere. The restaurant has won a number of awards and is on the Michelin list as a recommended restaurants.
Mak Bistro Restaurant
Address 1051 Budapest, Vigyázó F utca 4.
Web Mak Bisztro
Phone +36-30-723-9383
Opening Hours Mon - Sun: 12noon-3.00pm ;
                    6.00pm- 12.00midnight


Anker Klub

A laid back, cool restaurant with a great outside terrace right in the centre of Budapest, near Deak Square. The interior is simple and functional, the food is really good with Hungarian and international dishes and they offer vey good value 3 course lunch menus.
Anker Klub Restaurant
Address 1061 Budapest, Anker köz 1-3
Web Anker Klub
Phone +36-70-621-0741
Opening Hours Mon - Sun: 10.00am - 4.00am


Fatál Restaurant

Fatál restaurant is located on the famous Váci street which is the main pedestrian street of Budapest. They serve authentic Hungarian dishes in huge portions, so make sure you go there really hungry.

The food is delicious, the service is great and the atmosphere is relaxed. Even though it is located in a very touristy spot, prices are fair.
Fatal Restaurant Budapest Vaci street
Address Budapest V., Váci utca 67.
Web Fatal Restaurant
Email -
Phone +36-1-266-2607
Opening Hours Mon - Sun: 12.00 noon -
                    12.00 midnight


Our favourite Italian Restaurants in Budapest

A Presto - Italian Restaurant

A really fantastic little Italian restaurant. They have a huge selection of amazing pasta, pizza and their salads are delicious too.

They are very conveniently located in one of our apartment buildings in Hajos street. In the summer they have a little terrace where you can sit outside and listen to the Opera singers practising for the evening performance. They also do home deliveries.
A Presto Italian Restaurant Budapest
Address 1065 Budapest, Hajos utca 13-15
Web APresto
Email -
Phone +36-30-686-8019
Opening Hours Mon - Sat: 11.00am - 10.00pm


Fausto's - Fine Dining Italian Restaurant

Italian cuisine at its best. Fausto's is locate next to the Great Synagogue and offers a fine dining experience. Always fresh Italian and local ingredients are used to create the delicious food with a sophisticated service and good selection of wine. The have a fine dining restaurant and an Osteria next to each other to cater for the different needs. Booking is highly recommended.
Address 1072 Budapest, Dohány utca 5.
Web Fausto
Phone +36-1-321-0340
Opening Hours Mon - Sun: 12.00 noon - 3.00pm;
                    7.00pm - 11.00pm 


The best Asian restaurants in Budapest

Tom Yum - Thai Restaurant

Authentic Thai kitchen with Thai cooks conveniently located in one of our apartment buildings on Andrassy Avenue. The service is friendly and there is a small terrace if you want to sit outside.

Upstairs there is even an area for the children to play. My absolute favourite is soup is the Green Curry Soup - a must try.
Tom Yum Thai Restaurant Budapest Andrassy
Address 1065 Budapest, Andrássy üt 2.
Web TomYum


Opening Hours Mon - Sun: 7.00am - 11.00pm


Indigo - Indian Restaurant

Autherntic Indian kitchen with a good selection of the well known Indian dishes. The food is good and the service is very friendly. Booking is recommended.
Indigo Indian Restaurant Budapest
Address 1066 Budapest, Jókai u. 13
Web Indigo
Phone +36-1-428-2187
Opening Hours Mon - Sun: 12:00 noon - 11.00pm


Wasabi - Running Sushi and Wok Restaurant

A running sushi and wok restaurant with very tasty and fresh food. They offer all-you-can-eat lunch and dinner.
Wasabi running sushi and wok restaurant Budapest
Address 1065 Budapest, Podmaniczky street 21
Web Wasabi
Phone +36-1-374-0008
Opening Hours Mon - Sun: 11:30am - 11:30pm


Qtaro Japanese Restaurant

A small, authentic Japanese restaurant with delicious food and really nice sushi. The service is very friendly and the atmosphere is relaxed.
Qtaro Japanese Restaurant Budapest
Address 1065 Budapest Bajcsy-Zsilinszky street 35
Web Qtaro Budapest
Email  -
Phone +36-30-334-5868 
Opening Hours Mon - Sun: 11.00am-10.00pm


The best international Restaurants in Budapest

The Big Fish

For seafood lovers this is one of the best options in Budapest. Always fresh produce prepared by highly skilled chefs. The restaurant has an outside terrace in the summer.
The Big Fish Restaurant Budapest
Address 1061 Budapest Andrassy ut 44
Web Bigfish
Email  -
Phone +36-1-269-0693
Opening Hours Mon - Sun: 12.00 noon-10.00pm


Robinson Restaurant

Good food and beautiful setting overlooking the lake in the City Park, close to Heroes Square. They have a great steak restaurant upstairs and another restaurant downstairs where they serve internation food. Here you can get nice salads, pastas, pizza and some Hungarian dishes as well.
Robinson Restaurant Budapest
Address 1146 Budapest  City Park lake
Web Robinson
Phone +36-1-422-0222
Opening Hours Mon - Sun: 11.00am - 11.00pm


Dionysos Taverna - Greek Restaurant

Traditional Greek cuisine in a beautiful setting next to the River with delicious food. The view from the terrace is great, overlooking the Buda hills. The service is very friendly and the ladies receive a flower at the end of the meal. Booking is recommended.
Address 1056 Budapest Belgrad rakpart 16
Web Dionyos
Phone +36-1-318-1222
Opening Hours Mon - Sun: 12.00 noon -
                    12.00 midnight


Most Bistro

Most Bistort is located close to the Opera House. This is a laid back place with a huge terrace in the summer accessible from O street. They have Hungarian dishes, but you will also find a selection of Thai, Indian and other international food including burgers and salads.
Most Bistro Budapest
Address 1066 Budapest Zichy J. street 17
Web Most
Phone +36-70-248-3322
Opening Hours Mon - Sun : 11.00am - 2.00am


Speciality Restaurnats Budapest

Drop Restaurant - Gluten Free

Drop restaurant is located on the pedestrian part of Hajos street, very close to the Opera House. They serve breakfast from 7.30am and have a nice terrace to sit outside in the summer. The food is gluten free, but the taste is not affected at all. A really nice choice for lunch and dinner as well.
Drop Gluten free Restaurant Budapest
Address 1065 Budapest Hajos street 27
Web Drop
Email  -
Phone +36-1-235-0468
Opening Hours Mon - Sun : 8.00am - 1.00am


Naposoldal Vegetarian Restaurant

A simple, but great vegetarian restaurant with salads and other main courses. They have lunch menus at a great price. It is located close to Oktogon and the Opera House.
Naposoldal Vegetarian Restaurant Budapest
Address 1066 Budapest Jokai street 7
Web Naposoldal
Email  -
Phone +36-1-354-0048
Opening Hours Mon - Sat: 10.00am - 8.00pm


Our favourite cafes, confectioneries and ice cream in Budapest

Where to get the best coffee, cake and ice cream in Budapest. Recommendations by Apartments Budapest
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